Take Your Help Desk on the Go

A Better customer experience starts with better help desk support System

Delighted Help Desk software enables customer support agents to receive process and respond to service requests. A great help desk is at the heart of great customer support.

Delighted Help Desk software helps streamline customer support with time-saving tools like triggers and automation. And it’s intuitive, built with the experience of customer service and support desk agents in mind Whatever you call it-help desk, or support help desk software-its means to an end. Because great customer support is not just about the tool you use.it is about the relationship you have with your customer. And that’s what Delighted Help Desk  is for –improving the relationships between business and their customers.

Bring Support into the rest of the organization 

Delighted Help Desk feature light agents, an add-on that allows an unlimited number of agents to view tickets and make private comments.Customer service or support software allows IT teams for simplify the way they handle and manage IT tickets. With customization automation to expedite ticket assignment, ticket routing, manual repetitive help desk tasks, support teams can realize significant time savings, and focus more on ticket resolution rather than ticket management and tracking. Customer support software enables you to:
  • Accelerate the speed of service delivery
  • Better manage IT tickets and streamline operations
  • Automate help desk tasks and save manual time and efforts
  • Monitor help desk metrics and technician performance
  • Contribute to improved customer satisfaction

Keep Good time

There is no requirement for any training to customer Delighted Help Desk. Its play a major role in creating the comfort zone while working with the support solution. This is because not all the customer support center require the same setup & configuration and as per product handled, the needs defer

Customization in Delighted Help Desk provides you an endless option to modernize your helpdesk solution as per your requisite. You can change product effort….Read More


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