5 signs when you need a customer support system

customer support software

We know it’s hard running a small business, trust us – Delighted Help Desk is there! One of the hardest parts is trying to decide when it’s time to implement new systems and software.

Customer support software is at the top of the list for systems to implement early on because it is directly related to how your customers perceive you. It’s also one of the best ways to improve efficiency and get more productivity without adding employees – at least until you grow even more. The good news is, with today’s cloud-based (SaaS) softwareoptions, it’s not that costly at all! With the right software you’ll easily see a quick return on investment, and both your customers and employees will thank you.

So with this in mind, we’ve put together 5 top signs when you need a customer support system

1. Your team doesn’t have a common system to store information about customer interactions and/or documents

If you often find yourself  searching through file folders and emails to try and find that important document, or to remember the conversation you had with a customer a few weeks ago, then it’s time to get organized and implement a system that will put customer information at your fingertips. Likewise if your customer service reps are spending more time trying to dig up the resources they need than they are trying to help customers, it’s time for new software.

2. Your customer requests are stored on the email system of each agent’s computer (and/or you lose track of customer emails/issues)

While email is an incredibly handy tool, it can get cluttered fast, so if this is your primary method of receiving customer requests/complaints, then you’re opening yourself up to letting customer issues fall through the cracks. And what happens when a customer calls in a second time but gets a different agent, if the history of the previous call is on someone else’s email, the second agent has no choice but to make the customer go through it all over again. That’s a recipe for unhappy customers. The right customer support software (Delighted Help Desk) will include email integration, so your customers can still email you for support, but it’s going to be added to your ticket database so that all agents can see it.

3. Reporting and compiling data takes forever

If you keep track of customer issues in excel, and manage interactions in email alone, then you have to manually search through all of that to get the data you need. And how do you know if your team is being effective? Delighted Help Desk(good customer support software) is facilitated with reporting feature, which allows the management to analyze their support. You can analyze the tickets, cost etc by user, period or category. Reports are vital to measure the health of your helpdesk and take informed decisions. In Delighted Help Desk Solution, you can monitor ticket activity, agent performance, ticket response time, and more. To help you manage your team, and your customers. From agent productivity to feature requests and average number of tickets received, it’s important to understand your customer service metrics.

4. Your agents are stressed

Overwhelmed/overworked employees are not productive employees. And customer service reps who are trying to handle customer issues with outdated and manual systems get frustrated. Give your agents the tools they need to create happy customers – automation of tickets, self-service to reduce the amount of “simple” requests that take up so much time, and easy access to customer history all make your employees’ job so much easier. Happy agents translate to happy customers.

5. Your customers are unhappy

Are you hearing whispers of dissatisfaction from your team? Seeing negative reviews or bad publicity on social media? Maybe you’re just experiencing a decline in customer retention and can’t figure out why. Unhappy customers will tell you they’re unhappy – but not necessarily by coming right out and saying it. Many tell you with their spending, or the power of word-of-mouth. When customers have issues, they want it fixed as quickly, and with as little effort on their part, as possible. Delighted Help Desk (The best help desk software) will tell you when customers are showing signs of distress, and help your agents better serve your customers by making their jobs easier.

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