Why support tracking ticketing system solution?

Assign, resolve and win a satisfied customer in every query with the support tracking ticketing system that lets you do way more.

Delighted Help Desk provides feature like Create necessary fields based on your requirement and modify the entire Ticket Module according to your choice. Create various values for the drop down fields. Customize and work on the Ticket Module based on your organization requisite and convenience.

Benefits of ticket tracking software

Centralized tracking: A single e-mail chain may not be much of hasslhelpdesk-menu_e, but when you take into account into hundreds or thousands of tickets being processed daily and the many hands that each is being sent through the need for a unified platform becomes clearly apperant.this also prevent information from being lost, particularly when staff leave the company and may not have kept proper records of their ticket requests.

A detailed, internal metric system—keeping track of team member productivity has never been easier. Issue track’s help desk ticketing software allows you to quickly run reports by individual to detect potential efficiency issues.

Prioritize items—Not all ticket system requests are the same. Those requiring immediate attention can be marked as such all staff member will see the list and know which one tickets need to be marked as such. All staff member will see the list and know which one tickets need to be addressed first.in addition, priority statuses can be changed with the click of button.

Better Communication— Do not miss the internal Agent communication. Delighted Help Desk provides a feature private message. These help your support team to communicate their problems, ask for any guidance and many more. It also helps and shifting the tickets from one agent to another. When working from the same platform as opposed to individual e-mail address the potential for error is virtually eliminated.

Fosters collaboration: Multiple people can work on same issue and in doing so can keep their progress in same place.I don’t like sharing my email inbox with other but everyone can view edit ticket in ticket tracking system.

Ensure Continuity:It easier to deal with recognizing issue if a team member leaves since you can just look through all once still assigned to them and reassign as necessary”. If you find it challenging to do any of the previous then seek to create inspirations at http://delightedhelpdesk.com


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