support ticketing is not a one-task process

Free Help Desk System by Delighted Help Desk

Customer service has been greatly enhanced with technology and online services, particularly when it comes to handling customer satisfaction. When customers have a problem they can now issue a ticket, bearing their info, details of their problem or requests for a solution, at the service provider’s website to get them to look into their problem.

However, the process of support ticketing is not a one-task process. It involves filing a complaint, sending confirmation emails, assigning the complaint to a member of support staff, analyzing and solving your problem, and updating the records and sending notification emails etc. Delighted Help Desk provides email messaging system and canned responses. Which reduces the typing work and increases the response accuracy .Companies that has a large customer database should take advantage of support ticket systems to handle their customer problems in a fast, efficient and organized manner.

Help your customers before they get your help

Delighted Help Desk helps companies provide a great overall customer experience, and build customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive. At Delighted Help Desk we’re committed to providing exceptional customer service there’s no type of request too large or too small that we won’t handle-whatever support you need we’re here to help. Delighted Help Desk also provides a facility to help your support team. It facilitates your support team to find the articles either by topics or by keywords.

These will also reduce your support time:
  • Easily resolve customer queries by standardizing the support queries and answers.
  • Minimize the resolution time as agents can do a quick search with keywords, which yields happier and more loyal customers.
  • Enables to maintain consistency as users can provide the same relevant answers for similar type of queries.
  • Increases productivity and reduces the head count of the customer support team.
  • Categorize knowledge base, which helps your customer and your support team to find articles much faster and give a relevance to it too.

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