Free Support ticket Help Desk

Delighted help desk provides FREE online support ticket solution. Our motto is to keep your support team and your customers happy

First,What does Customer Delight mean?

Breaking with tradition, because your customers deserve to be delighted.

Customer Delight is not just an appreciation like “Thank you, Have a nice day!!” it’s actually creating a “WOW” feel to the customer. It’s actually a part of the culture and make-up of the business, especially in the field of help desk support. Customer delight is quite different from the satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is only a stepping stone to customer delight. We have to provide a service that exceeds the customer expectations, that surprises the customer in a positive way. We should deliver the service not just to satisfy the customer, but to do what they haven’t even imagined which will cause them to say WOW! Satisfaction is based on fulfilling the expected while delight occurs from the unexpected.

As Maya Angelou said,“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

Happy Support. Happy Customer

Now,Why does SaaS help desk solutions?

Today’s SaaS help desk solutions can streamline support administration, reduce infrastructure costs, and improve the way you communicate with your customers, both internal and external. Here are the key considerations to keep in mind when evaluating your SaaS help desk options. If you want to expand the range of services you offer support customers, one of the first things to consider is adopting help desk software as a service (SaaS). If you are currently using an on-premise help desk system, the move to a SaaS provider will allow you to reduce administration and infrastructure costs.

Every business is moving towards hosting their service on the cloud and Software-as-a-Service or SaaS is the next big thing. And the customer service industry is not far behind. Businesses looking out for a customer support solution are more likely to go for a SaaS-based Support ticket helpdesk because of the numerous advantages the cloud has to offer.

The SaaS help desk evolved!

SaaS help desk software you don’t have to worry about software updates, patches ,and bug fixes. Also, all your customer data remains safe and hacker proof on the cloud.

Today, customers reach out to you at any hour of the day and they expect you to shoot back a reply immediately. This requires your agents to be able to access the help desk from just about anywhere at any time of the day. This is easily taken care of when your help desk is on the cloud.

Delighted Help Desk is a very economic and user-friendly Help Desk Ticket System. Let you track support in your life with a simple and happy way. The process of support ticketing is not a one-task process. It involves filing a complaint, sending confirmation emails, assigning the complaint to a member of support staff, analyzing and solving your problem, and updating the records and sending notification emails etc. Companies that have a large customer database should take advantage of support ticket systems to handle their customer problems in a fast, efficient and organized manner.

Delighted Help Desk offers cloud-based help desk solutions & Support Ticket help desk with the basics you would expect such as ticket management, knowledgebase support, and automation rules. Many helpdesk SaaS providers go beyond the basics and have embraced social networking and mobile devices as building blocks for their services. As a result, IT providers have more ways to interact with their customers and have better options for consolidated case management.


Ticket Management

Delighted Help Desk Solution acts as your single point of contact for all your incoming tickets. Delighted Help Desk Solution also facilitates your customers to track their ticket and check out the ticket status. It also allows organizing, prioritizing and responding to your support tickets on the fly. Provide the ‘WOW’ experience to your customers by maintaining the most responsive help desk in your organization. When a customer experiences WOW, you are giving them a pleasant surprise. You are exceeding their expectations. You are addressing their needs thoughtfully and in unexpected ways, Delighted Help Desk Solution’s goal is to create the happy support team and happy customers.

Never miss a ticket!

If your support agents are generally on the move 24/7 and not tied to a single place, it would be great if they could access your help desk from just about anywhere. With a SaaS help desk software, you and your agents need not worry about missing out on important tickets while on the move or on a holiday.


A knowledgebase is the one thing that can be instantly useful for both your support agents and customers equally. A well -planned knowledge base can really help your users and your technical staff to resolve issues quickly. A good trouble ticket software solution will pull out all the stops when it comes to quicker resolution times and Service Desk Plus is no exception.

  • An increase in customer satisfaction
  • Better use of their product or service
  • A decrease in case volume
  • An increase in agent efficiency

Categorize Message

Delighted Help Desk Solution allows you to categorize your tickets, these helps in analyzing the tickets by category and will give you an idea of where exactly you can improve and reduce your support.


Finally, get exactly the data you need when you need it in real time.

Delighted Help Desk Solution is facilitated with reporting feature, which allows the management to analyze their support. You can analyze the tickets, cost etc by a user, period or category. Reports are vital to measuring the health of your helpdesk and take informed decisions. In Delighted Help Desk Solution, you can monitor ticket activity, agent performance, ticket response time, and more.


Create necessary fields based on your requirement and modify the entire Ticket Module according to your choice. Create various values for the drop down fields. Customize and work on the Ticket Module based on your organization requisite and convenience.

Tools for support

Self Service portal

Give customers the tools they need to help themselves instantly.

If you are looking for trouble ticket software that enables users to log their own tickets and reduces your help desks call volumes, Service Desk Plus is a sensible choice. Through the web-based self-service portal, users can create, view and monitor tickets through to resolution. Technical teams can also keep users informed of planned and unplanned outages using the service portals.

Reduce support time

Delighted Help Desk reduces the support turn over time by providing, Self explanatory and easy to use GUI and by adding simplicity to the system. Save time with end user raising tickets and seeking replies through the self-service portal rather than switching from email.

Publish Article

Delighted Help Desk facilitates the user to publish Articles on their landing pages, these helps to educate their customers and reduce support calls.

Effective support team

Delighted Help Desk facilitates the user to add the cost of your support team and analyze them. These give an edge to manage your ROI and check the team performance too.

Messaged & canned Response

Delighted Help Desk provides email messaging system and canned responses. Which reduces the typing work and increases the response accuracy?


Auto-Assign Ticket

Tickets will automatically be assigned to a staff member when submitted. Several factors are taken into account when assigning tickets automatically, such as ticket category and number of currently open assigned tickets

Merge Ticket

Ever have a customer report the same issue multiple times via different channels, causing confusion? No problem. Merge all of the related tickets together, and resolve it in one go.

Team notes

The agents always have a view of the team notes, which are in-context with the tickets. Which helps them provide notes mapped with its related ticket?

Suggest solution

Delighted Help Desk automatically provides you with smart suggestions of possible solutions very next to the ticket, which is based on keywords in the ticket’s description.

Public Knowledge

With Delighted Help Desk, you can help your customers get instant answers by creating categorized articles know as the Knowledgebase that is available whenever they need it. You can share your technical documentation, product tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, and other tips in a single convenient place. By setting up a knowledge base, not only you will be able to improve customer satisfaction, but you can also reduce your ticket volume.

Team Mailbox

Delighted Help Desk mailbox enables your agents to collaborate, communicate and resolve issues without getting in each other’s way.


Categories are useful for categorizing tickets by relevance (for example “Sales”, “Hardware problems”, “PHP/MySQL problems” etc) and for assigning agents to categories. (For example that your sales person can only view tickets posted to “Sales” Category)


Customization in Delighted Help Desk provides you an endless option to modernize your helpdesk solution as per your requisite. You can change the product effortlessly without the need to create complex programs or scripts. There is no requirement for any training to customize Delighted Help Desk. Customization plays a major role in creating the comfort zone while working with the support solution. This is because not all the customer support centers require the same setup and configuration and as per the product handled, the needs defer

Benefits of a Free Ticketing System

The main benefit of free Support Ticket helpdesk /ticketing software is that it simplifies and automates help desk ticket management. With the help of Web-based service request portal for customers to log tickets, and an intuitive Web-based help desk console for IT technicians to manage tickets.Support Ticket helpdesk/ticketing software is that it simplifies and automates help desk ticket management. With the help of Web-based service request portal for customers to log tickets, and an intuitive Web-based help desk console for IT technicians to manage tickets.

  • Centralize help desk ticket management – from request creation to resolution
  • Save time and resources on manual and repetitive help desk tasks
  • Track and monitor helpdesk and technician performance in real time
  • Improve operational efficiency of customer service
  • Realize higher levels of customer satisfaction



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